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Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 12th, 2024
Virtual Council Meeting using Zoom


The opening devotion – Katie Arps
Call to order by Daniel Fenner at 6:37 p.m.


Council Members Present via Zoom: Katie Arps, Clyde Cole, Maria DeLeon, Carolyn Ekenstam, Daniel Fenner, Stacey James, Ellen Kunze, Nick Minden, Mike Poston

Others Present via Zoom: Pastor Kara Farrow, Jen Sims

Absent: (None)

Ministry Teams (MT) - Updates

ACTION | MT Chair: Lynn Minden – Carolyn E.

  • ACTION is working to get Souls to the Polls on March 28 for people to vote early in the school board election. A number of ACTION leaders knocked doors in Tulsa Public School District 5 to remind people there to vote in the election on April 2nd. They will also knock doors on March 16th in District 2. Please vote if you are in District 2, 5, or 6. Also looking into a fundraiser to send a young person for training in organizing as ACTION does.

Care Team | MT Chair: Patricia Johnson – Carolyn E

  • See report in meeting folder

Children, Youth, and Family Ministry | MT Chair: Kinna

  • See report in meeting folder

Outreach | MT Chair: (?) – Katie A.

  • RIC Team recently met, and decided to continue meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month to continue carrying out the “welcome work” mission and outreach of RIC.

Worship/Music | MT Chair: Ken Jackson – Nick M.
From Ann:

  • Chancel Choir is working hard on Holy Week and Easter Music.
  • We look forward to having Chancel Choir, Chancel Ringers, and Brass Ensemble as part of the Easter service.
  • Wed bells play this Sunday, March 17.
  • Children’s bells played at our Holden service on March 6 and will be on break until April.
  • Wind/string group has been a wonderful part of our Holden services, with 11 instrumentalists participating to date. Our special music has been and is being provided by Children’s bells, Wanda Shoemaker, Brian Rasbold, Katie Arps, and Dennis Beckmann.
  • Chancel Choir has an outreach concert scheduled at Town Village in late April.
  • Chancel Ringers has an outreach concert scheduled at University Village in early May.
  • I played an organ recital on March 5th at Trinity Episcopal Church. I have begun studying for the American Guild of Organists Choirmaster Exam which I am scheduled to take on June 5th.

From Marc:

  • See report in meeting folder

Pastor Report – Pastor Kara F. 

  • Holy Week services are planned and we’re ready to go!
  • Hopefully the funeral season has come to an end (for a minute) — 2 weddings and 3 baptisms scheduled in the next three months!
  • 2024 Council Priorities feedback (see Google Folder)
  • FLC Case Statement (see Google Folder)

Parish Administrator Update – Jen S.

  •  Painting of the two bathrooms by the offices is scheduled for this week.
  • Lawn service company was at church this past week for leaf cleanup and weed control.
  • Getting one more bid for the livestream in the Worship Center, so there will be 3 bids total to consider.
Ministry Teams - No New Report:

Endowment | MT Chair: Debbie Gordon –

Finance | MT Chair: Ginni Young – Jen S. – see Treasurer report below

Missions | MT Chair: Beverly Allen – Mike P.

Personnel | MT Chair: Greg Gordon – Stacey J.

Property | MT Chair: Roy Brockmeier – Jen S. – see Parish Admin report above

Old Business

AR-OK Synod office space: possibility will be explored further after Easter

Strategic Plan Implementation

  • Online presence update: Have experimented with livestreaming Wednesday Lenten service from the Worship Center using technology available to that room, and it has not worked well; this confirms the need for purchasing the correct technology to livestream from the Worship Center, which is in the works. (See Parish Administrator Update.)
  • RIC update: The team met 2 weeks ago, and will continue meeting monthly to plan next steps. Ellen is still in the process of officially joining as an RIC congregation through the Reconciling Works organization.
  •  Small Groups update: Info gathering meeting set by Pastor Kara and Jen on April 1st, where they and other Council members will learn about successful small group approaches other churches have used.

Strategic Plan Actions – focus for 2024

  • Top priorities to begin/continue work towards strategic plan goals identified by Council members include: Growing small groups, Opportunities for serve/mission, and outreach to visitors and young adults (including increasing online presence)
  • A FLC Case Statement draft has been created by Pr. Kara to give out during 1-on-1 conversations she plans to have with members and visitors. This describes how FLC is connecting with each other and our community in fellowship, service, and giving, and lays out goals for the future.
New Business


Treasurer's Report - Jen S.
  • A regularly scheduled audit will take place in April.
  • Daniel Fenner created a more detailed report for income and expenses. It is below the
    Treasurer’s Report. The 2-year average income presentation going forward shows ytd through the current month only.
  • A motion to approve the February Treasurer’s report was made by Carolyn E. and seconded by Maria D. The motion passed unanimously.
Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m. by Daniel F.

Celebrations: The birth of Mike’s new great-grandson

Prayer Request: Mike’s brother, Dale, in hospice care; Continued health during Angelina’s pregnancy and baby Ezekiel

Closing Prayer: Offered by Pr. Kara Farrow

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held on April 9th, 2024 at 6:30pm. Stacey J. will provide the devotion.

Minutes prepared by Katie Arps