Below is a list of resources that some congregation members have found useful to them. These are listed simply as a convenience. Fellowship does not specifically endorse any of the sites listed below.


God Pause


God Pause Daily Devotions The ELCA Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN has daily devotions available via email. Writers of the devotions are faculty, staff, and alumni of the seminary and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. When filling out the form, it is only necessary to sign up for the God Pause Devotions, not the news and announcements. Also check your Junk Box if you think you are not getting the devotions. Sign up here.


Prayer, Meditation, Devotions The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has this website dedicated to devotions, meditations, and prayers. Visit the website here.


The Almost Daily eMo Barbara Cawthorne Crafton is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director and author.  As an actress, director and producer, she has worked for many years in combining the lively arts and the life of faith. Her books, articles, and radio scripts have won many awards.  With this background, Barbara brings some very insightful thoughts to those who read her almost daily devotions. Sign up for this devotional here. 


Signpost Daily Devotions Arising from an Episcopal perspective, is a website intended for seekers of any faith. It was once said, "To Recognize the signs of God, pay attention to your stirrings. Look closely when you feel the swell of joy within or the tightness as your throat closes up in sorrow. Live in that moment. Sit with it for awhile, long enough to sense the presence of God sitting with you."


Christian eCards and Messages

Dayspring eCards This Christian card company allows eCards to be sent to friends and family over the Internet. Their statement is When You Want to Share Your Heart and God's Love. Free eCards are available for various religious and secular occasions. Visit their site here.


Patient Greets at St. Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK
The Patient Greeting is a complimentary service provided to the patients of Saint Francis Hospital. This is a great way to send a message to a patient and to brighten their day.


Lutheran Books and Gifts

Augsburg Fortress Augsburg Fortress offers many resources for home, church, and gifts. Including books, educational materials, bibles, and Bible study materials. They are the official printers for many Christian synods. Visit the site here.


The Old Lutheran Boasted as "The Center for Lutheran Pride." For those that are looking for the humorous side of being a Lutheran and sharing it with the world. This website has it all. From "Wash Away Your Sins Hand Soap" to an "Organ Music Rocks t-shirt" to a category called Lutheran Bible Camp Stuff. To view everything, view the site.


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