Local Missions

Fellowship reaches out into our local community in a variety of ways.  Each year, the Missions Team partners with many different local organizations.  The following are local missions projects and/or organizations that Fellowship supports.

RAMPS - Restore Access Ministry Projects : works to release the handicapped from the prisons of their homes b building ramps to get them out into the world.

TULSA HUNGER: providing food and/or hands on assistance in collection, sorting, and distribution of food to various agencies in Tulsa.

PARTNERS IN EDUCATION: partnership with Grissom Elementary School which focuses on helping students and staff be successful.  Undie Sunday in August provides new underwear for Grissom; Grissom Grands, meals for teachers during conferences, and other assistance as requested by the school principal and/or counselor.

THERAPETICS: provides Mobile Assistance Service Dogs to individuals with physical disabilities and Psychiatric Service Dogs for military veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

VETERANS AWARENESS: focuses on educating our congregation and community about important issues related to veterans.  Direct support to the Coffee Bunker in Tulsa and Veterans Court Advocates.

ANGEL TREE: providses Christmas gifts for Tulsa families in need, in partnership with Children and Family Services.

Global Missions

Fellowship is also partners with many global organizations.  We are a part of a global community and share a responsibility to support and encourage God's children around the world. The following are global missions projects and/or organizations that Fellowship supports.

RISING VILLAGE: this organization works to improve the lives of women in five villages in Ghana, West Africa, their families, and their communities.  

ELCA MALARIA CAMPAIGN: raising awareness and funds to prevent the thousands of deaths from malaria in third world countries.

BREAD FOR THE WORLD: a campaign of advocacy and fund raising to urge our legislators to fight for the hungry people of this country and the world through letter writing to our representatives in Congress and the Senate.

PARTNERS IN MISSION: Guyana, South America:


Guyana Map

In 1996, Fellowship entered into a partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guyana (ELCG). Our mission and purpose: to create conditions for work and joint activities with and through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guyana, both clergy and lay, to support, enable and enhance their mission and service to congregations, members, friends and neighbors in their respective communities.

Since 1966 we have completed over 50 different trips with over 250 different individuals from throughout the United States.  Some 45% of the participants have been from our congregation, the remainder being from other congregations and denominations.  Over the years our teams have included medical, dental, construction, music education, youth, sewing instruction, computer installation, computer skills training, clothing bank, literacy training and mental health consultation/education.  Special projects have included the Clergy Car Project, Reformation Parish River Video Evangelism, Education Support for Clergy Children, Reformation Boat Project (St. Paul Lutheran Church, Renwick, Iowa), Clergy Family Medication Support, Financial Support for Graduate Clergy Education and re-introduction of the Guyana Music Festival serving the community at large.

We have had a rich and rewarding history of 2 specific Partnership programs:

Construction Teams. Chuck Worrell has provided leadership for our construction teams. Since the beginning of our relationship with the church in Guyana, construction teams have spent many days helping local pastors and lay leaders with construction projects and helping to improve church related facilities.

Medical Teams. Jane Purser, M.D. leader of our medical teams, along with many other physicians and medical professionals have made several trips to Guyana to offer medical assistance to local people as well as help Guyanese medical professionals improve their medical skills.

Our sisters and brothers in Christ of the ELCG are now in position that at the present time they no longer “need” this support. So, we will “stand by” as the Executive Council of the ELCG reviews their needs in case, out of our experience walking together, we are again asked to assist.

Guyana Lutheran Music Academy: Out of the experience Eric Sayre and Michael Murchison had in 2011, the new GLMA has been developed.  Eric Sayre is the Executive Director of the GLMA and owrks in collaboration with the Executive Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guyana.


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